Robber holds up two Israeli banks – armed with an AVOCADO  | Daily Mail Online

A robber made off with almost $8,000 from two Israeli banks after holding them up armed with an avocado.

The 47-year-old man, who has not been publicly identified, first struck a bank in the southern city of Beersheba in mid-May when he handed a cashier a misspelled note demanding money.

When the Postal Bank worker hesitated, the man pulled out what he said was a grenade and threatened to throw it if she refused.

A bank robber who stole almost $8,000 while threatening staff with what he said was a grenade was actually holding an avocado he painted black

The woman emptied her cash drawer and the robber made off with $4,450, the Times of Israel reported.

Five days later, the same man – wearing a hat and glasses to avoid being caught on CCTV cameras – walked into a different branch of the same bank in the same city and repeated the stunt.

This time he made off with $3,300.

Police managed to use mobile phone data from a device the man was carrying to track him down.

He was arrested, and it was discovered that the ‘grenade’ he was holding was actually an avocado painted black.

The man has a lengthy criminal history, including a previous three-year stint in jail for robbery. 

The 47-year-old used his avocado to target two branches of Postal Bank in Beersheba within five days last month before being tracked down by police

Robber holds up two Israeli banks – armed with an AVOCADO 

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